Packaging products from conteira leaves: A market invasive plant!

(…) This year it has been 30 years ago that the World Commission on Development, chaired by Gro Brundtland, published the report “Our Common Future”. The message is still echoing. Some might say ‘nothing happened’, others may be more optimistic, looking at a wide array of technological developments, the wide implementation of a diversity of sustainability tools and methods. However, on one observation we will all agree: we are still far away from our end goals. The recent specification of 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations gives us a signpost in the future, which is very much needed. These SDGs stress the integrated challenge of sustainable development as a twin integral ecological and societal fairness agenda. Or in other words: it is about planet, people and prosperity. (Message from the President – Walter J. V. Vermeulen /President of the International Sustainable Development Research Society)