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Exel Composites revolutionizes ILS support safety with unique combination of safe frangibility and stability
Exel Composites, world’s leading composite solutions manufacturer, has developed lattice ILS support structures to airport environments. These masts are located at the end or next to the runway , requiring safe and proven frangibility. Simultaneously, ILS masts are exposed to high wind gusts and the structure must be stable in every weather condition. Exel Composites’ third-party tested lattice masts meet both safe frangibility requirements and ensure highest possible stability for the ILS operation.

Exel’s LLZ installation at Menorca Airport When evaluating frangible support structures to airports, airport design consultants, engineers and authorities should look for a design that is backed by rigorous frangibility and stability testing against ICAO and FAA requirements. Exel masts are full-scale impact tested and frangibility is proven by a third party (NLR). Masts are fully compliant with ICAO and FAA frangibility ruling, ensuring the highest safety and best performance in demanding conditions.
Frangible Exel lattice masts are lightweight, yet rigid structures that break or yield on impact, to minimize damage and maximize safety, and thus protect property and life in the event of a runway incursion. Quick and easy setup, and most importantly maintenance-free masts, bring outstanding ROI for airports and ILS system integrators.

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Exel Composites has supplied composite approach light masts to over 600 airports worldwide.
Composite masts have proven superior benefits in approach lighting masts over the years, and as a result, substantial growth in using same material for ILS masts is expected in near future. Composites outperform conventional materials such as aluminum and steel in many ways. New materials provide improved safety for airports, aircrafts and passengers.
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